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What We Do
One Child at a Time

At Save the Children of the Developing World, our approach to improving the wellbeing of children living in third-world countries addresses the many aspects of a child's life. We first listen to the members of the communities we plan to assist as they detail what issues they are faced with and what they would like to see be done. Our job is to ensure their dreams are fulfilled. Through consistent support, we have provided many children with nutritious food, school supplies, personal hygiene products, and various other necessities.

The work we do is not possible without the support of people like you. So, please take this moment to financially contribute to our operations. Any amount is much appreciated.

Our Countries

The communities we support struggle to become more advanced economically and socially because of their low standards of living rooted in a lack of food and water, an inadequate education, and inaccessible health care delivery systems. With your support, we hope to alleviate the pain these communities are experiencing through our various humanitarian aid projects.

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