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List of Chapters

Check to see if your high school already has an SCDW Student Chapter, so you do not have to create a new one.

Chapter Constitution

The constitution is at the core of all of our student chapters and it details how they are expected to operate.

Meeting Guidelines

If you are holding meetings, but are unsure of what to discuss, these guidelines were created to assist you.

Biweekly Updates

All student chapters are expected to fill this form out, informing us of the progress they have made.

SCDW Student Chapter Member of the Month Award

Every month we select one member out of all of our student chapters to be named the "Student Chapter Member of the Month" and our selection process relies on nominations made by current student chapter members. So, if you know of any member who is consistently working hard for their chapter and our mission, feel free to nominate them and at the end of the month, we will announce who has been awarded this title on our social media platforms. Self-nomination is currently prohibited.

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Point System

Every student chapter can earn a varying amount of points for completing different tasks (e.g., holding meetings, creating fundraising events, etc.) and the student chapter with the most points will receive a prize at the end of the academic year.


Earn Community Service Hours

If you volunteered at an SCDW fundraising event that was organized by the Board of Directors and you would like to earn credit for the time you spent volunteering to fulfill your school's community service requirement, feel free to email our Director of Communications with your personal information while also informing us of which event you attended and how long you spent volunteering. We will then review your email and contact you back within two weeks. 


Create Your Own Chapter

Create Your Own Chapter

If you want to spread our mission and values with your local community and your high school does not already have an SCDW Student Chapter, fill out this form and we will contact you back within two weeks via email.

Thanks for submitting!

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