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This is Pichincha

Save the Children of the Developing World is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children living in third-world countries by providing them—through youth-oriented institutions—with the tools to pursue their interests and become the person they dream to be.

Pichincha Overview

Nutritious Foods

Children with healthy eating patterns have a longer life expectancy and are at lower risk for serious health problems.

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Quality Education

Education enables upward socioeconomic mobility and is a key to escaping poverty by reducing inequalities.

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Accessible Health Care Services

With better access to health care services, diseases and disabilities can be prevented or detected and then treated.

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Fostering an Education with Music

Pichincha Needs
Pichincha Story

The Instituto de Investigación, Educación y Promoción Popular del Ecuador (INEPE) in Southern Quito, Ecuador has served underprivileged children through their children's center, basic general education, and high school programs since 1985. Their main purpose is to foster a nurturing environment for these children, allowing them to develop into human beings capable of positively impacting their communities and society as a whole. They furthered their holistic efforts in 2008 when they established their Programa de Educación del Talento (i.e., the Musical Talent Education Program) to provide their students with an artistic space in hopes that they can discover their own potential in a new light.

We began our partnership with INEPE back in March of 2020 where we assisted them in the implementation of childhood education workshops that aid the mental and emotional growth of 120 parents and children each week by organizing various group activities that value the importance of team bonding. In April of 2021, we then provided 55 of their students with school supplies to alleviate some of the financial tolls families were experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Now as the illness's transmission decreases, INEPE has been able to hold their workshops in person again, including those oriented around teaching through music and we assisted by providing musical instruments.

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