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Save the Children of the Developing World

Save the Children, Save Our Future!


Our Mission

We are a tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children living in third-world countries by providing them—through youth-oriented institutions—with the tools to pursue their interests and become the person they dream to be.

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Our Programs

We at Save the Children of the Developing World (SCDW) are dedicated to making a positive impact on communities in need through a range of vital humanitarian efforts. Our services span various critical areas, each designed to address unique challenges and promote long-lasting change. From immediate crisis assistance that delivers essential supplies to disaster-stricken regions to educational initiatives that empower individuals with knowledge and opportunities, we are committed to transforming lives.


Our commitment to improving health outcomes and providing shelter to those experiencing homelessness or displacement is unwavering. Additionally, we believe in the power of play and recreation to foster well-being and community bonds. At SCDW, we strive to create a brighter future for underserved populations by addressing their most pressing needs and promoting inclusivity, resilience, and hope. Explore our diverse range of services below to learn more about our impactful initiatives.

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