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Why We Help Children in Ecuador

21.4% of under-five children in Ecuador experience stunting, which is when a child is too short for his or her age and is the result of chronic or recurrent malnutrition.

17% of children in Ecuador of the official lower secondary school age range do not attend lower secondary education at any time during the academic year.

14 out of 1,000 live births will die between birth and 5 years of age, which reflects the limited access some communities have to basic health interventions.

Source: UNICEF Data: Ecuador (Accessed March 2021)


Project Educate

Project Educate (Ecuador)

April 2021

Location: Quito, Pichincha Province

Number of Children Impacted: 55

School Assisted: Instituto de Investigación, Educación y Promoción Popular del Ecuador (INEPE)

Each child received:

1) 1 6-Color Tempera Paint Set
2) 1 10-Color Jumbo Modeling Clay Set 3) 1 10-Color Pastel Paint Set
4) 10 A4-Size White Cardboard
5) 10 A4-Size Black Cardboard
6) 1 140 Grams White Glue Bottle
7) 1 12-Color Marker Set
8) 1 Sleeve of 10-Color Glossy Paper
9) 1 21 Grams Glue Stick (x1)
10) 1 90 Grams Sleeve of Paper


In addition to the base, the 25 kits for first and second graders included an educational wooden domino set, and the 30 kits for third through seventh graders included a small metal drawing compass and a geometric compass ruler set.

Project Health

Project Health

Project Health (Ecuador)

June 2021
Location: Arenillas, El Oro Province
Number of Children Impacted: 180
Each family received:
1) 4 Cans of tuna (180g per can)
2) 3 Cans of sardines (200g per can)
3) 500g of lentils
4) 500g of red beans
5) 400g of pasta
6) 2kg of sugar
7) 1kg of salt
8) 500g of oatmeal
9) 1 liter of cooking oil
10) 2kg of rice
11) 170g of Nesquik


All the boxes and stickers used were bought from local businesses in Quito and then transported to Arenillas. Upon their arrival, the boxes were filled with the food items that were bought from local businesses in Arenillas. We support small businesses.


Project Play

January 2022
Location: Quito, Pichincha Province
School Assisted: Instituto de Investigación, Educación y Promoción Popular del Ecuador (INEPE)

School received:
1) 10 Wooden Percussion Block with Wooden Drumstick 
2) 4 Large Steel Triangle with Steel Rod 
3) 15 Handheld Jingle Bells 
4) 15 Pair of Small Wooden Claves 
5) 20 Plastic Handheld Tambourine 
6) 18 Sets of SMall Maracas
7) 8 Full Xylophone Set with a Pair of Mallets


Project Play is aimed to ensure children have the tools, space, and time to enjoy leisure time meant to stimulate their physical and cognitive development.

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