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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Nearly seven years ago, Founder and CEO Abanoub J. Armanious set out on a life-changing journey that would eventually inspire the birth of Save the Children of the Developing World. What started as a deeply personal quest to make a difference evolved into a collective dream, one that now transcends borders and reaches the far corners of the globe.



Dedication. Diversity. Passion.

Our Story

Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

After witnessing the challenging conditions that children in Egypt and Ecuador faced, Abanoub recognized that the work ahead was too vast for a single individual. Unwavering and undaunted by the scale of the task, he assembled a diverse team of friends who shared his passion for humanitarian causes. Together, this dedicated and diverse group formed a team with a common goal: to manage an organization that could have a far-reaching impact on the lives of children in developing countries.


As they collaborated, Abanoub and his friends realized that their vision extended beyond Egypt and Ecuador. They recognized that there were children facing similar struggles in many other parts of the world. Save the Children of the Developing World was born from this vision, an organization built on the belief that children everywhere deserved better.


Today, what began as a heartfelt mission in the summer of 2017 has grown into a global force for positive change. SCDW reaches far beyond its initial borders, extending a helping hand to children in need not only in Egypt and Ecuador but also in various other countries. The impact of this organization continues to uplift and empower vulnerable communities, bringing hope and a brighter future to children across the developing world.

In the News

April 19, 2021

Rutgers student-led organization delivers aid to children in developing countries

Rutgers students have joined together with other college students to help children from communities struggling economically in Egypt and Ecuador through the organization Save the Children of the Developing World (SCDW)


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