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Why We Help Children in Egypt

In 2014, nationwide rates of stunting affected approximately 21.4% of under-five children; while wasting was recorded at 8.4%, and underweight at 5.5% nationwide.

According to the 2006 census, some 8.1% or 1.4 million children between 6 and 17 years of age were never enrolled in school or dropped out of basic education.

In 2014, 93% of children in Egypt have been subject to some form of violent disciplinary practice by their parents/caregivers, often in combination with non-violent discipline.

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Project Backpack

Project Backpack (Egypt)

December 2020

Location: Cairo, Cairo Governate

Number of Children Impacted: 100

Issue Tackled: COVID-19 Pandemic

Each child received:

1) 1 Custom SCDW Drawstring Bag
2) 1 Toothbrush
3) 1 25 mL Tube of Toothpaste
4) 1 160-Pack of Soft Tissues
5) 1 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray
6) 1 Bar of Soap
7) 4 Packets of Shampoo
8) 1 Comb
9) 1 Face Mask

10) 1 Tube of Deodorant


Out of the 100 children assisted, 15 were from Al-Rajaa Coptic Orthodox Society, 55 were from Fatima Al-Zahraa Orphanage, and 35 were from Abu Seifin Charitable Society. We hope to provide further support to all three orphanages through Project Shelter.

Project Educate

Project Educate (Egypt)

December 2019

Location: Cairo, Cairo Governate

Number of Children Impacted: 131

Issue Tackled: Student Unpreparedness

Each child received: A uniform set

Underlying Issue: The students live in government housing and receive a monthly government pension of 400 Egyptian Pounds. These forms of aid seem to have a great impact but actually do little to improve the wellbeing of the youth, as the houses are poorly managed and the pension can only be used to cover a very small fraction of a family's expenses.

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Out of the 131 children assisted, 72 were from Martyr Sayed Sobhy School, 22 were from The Valley School, and 37 were from 6th of October School. We hope to provide further support to all three orphanages through Project Shelter.

Project Health

Project Health (Egypt)

October 2018

Location: Aswan, Aswan Governorate

Assisted Hospital: Aswan Heart Centre

Funds Provided: $2,000

Mission Statement: "Our core objective is to establish—along the banks of the River Nile in Aswan—a medical centre of excellence and international standing dedicated to cardiovascular surgery, treatment, and research. The Aswan Heart Centre provides hope, improves life chances, and serves the children, young people and adults of Egypt and the region." - Magdi Yacoub Foundation (MYF)


Since 2008, MYF has maintained a state-of-the-art medical facility in the city of Aswan, Egypt to provide free medical services as well as giving due attention to advanced training programs for personnel while focusing on a wide variety of research opportunities.

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